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"Every artist was first an amateur"

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Such a fun evening! I truly did not believe that you would be able to guide me through that painting. Amazing!" - Kristina Schmitt

Upcoming Kids Events
Kids Pa!nt Adults Wine
William Grassie - Fall City Wine Estates
35922 SE 46th Street, Fall City (Venue subject to change to Snoqualmie Tasting room)
event Saturday - October 8, 2022
schedule 15:00
payment $30 per child
Only little artists pay!
Class will start promptly at 3pm at the Fall City Outdoor Events Space, so please ensure you arrive a little earlier to get settled in. Bill's delicious wine available for purchase to 21 and older. Your own snacks and picnic blanket are welcome.

This price includes all art materials.

Strictly no drop-offs.
Upcoming Adult Events
Pa!nt and Wine         
William Grassie - Fall City Wine Estates
35922 SE 46th Street, Fall City (Venue subject to change to Snoqualmie Tasting room)

event Thursday - October 13, 2022
schedule 18:30
payment $45
No experience needed!
Settle in just before 6:30pm, Bill's delicious wine available for purchase. Your own snacks are welcome.

Price includes 2 hour step by step instruction and all necessary art supplies.
Planning a party

Kids Parties

Creative Birthday Parties for kids of all ages. Choose from a selection of child appropriate artwork or choose your own theme and I will create it for you. Colors are completely adjustable to ensure that the picture your child creates will fit perfectly into their rooms color theme.

Private Parties

A fun way to enjoy time with family or friends. Great for Ladies Nights, Senior Socials, Girl Scout activities, to name but a few. Prices start at $20 and are based on age group and length of session.

About Renee

My true self can be found between brush strokes and melodic movements of a pen. I’ve been this way ever since I can remember, as if passion for art was engrained in my soul from my first breath. Despite never being able to formally study the fine arts, my inherent passion drove me to practice all art forms. The very fibers that make up my being are literal pieces of art, and I see that in everyone I meet and get to know through my life’s journey.

I grew up on the coast of the southern Indian Ocean in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. In 2010 I moved to the other side of the world, Washington State, with my husband.

Since then, we’ve welcomed two boys into our family. When our oldest son was just over a year old, we found out he had autism. We enrolled him into Encompass when he was 18-months old and he continues to benefit from their services to this day. Little did I know early on that while he was going through a unique journey, I was going through one all my own. While giving myself completely to my son, I found that true selflessness to others is the glue that holds the artful fibers of my being together. So many others have given themselves freely to my son, and with gratitude it is in this giving to others freely in which I am most happy and at peace.

I ran my first summer art camp in 2015 and my soul was enriched in the success of the beautiful children that joined me there. And while 2016 brought some unexpected family matters, 2017 is a year I’ve dedicated to freely giving of myself again. I now spend much of my time surrounded by beautiful works of art from summer camps, events, art classes for adults and children, and birthday parties.

Art is everywhere, if you take the time to look – and I love seeing that in the people I meet, the things I get to do and the places I get to go. It’s where happiness is found and stored – and I hope to share that with so many more for as long as I can.

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